Murray Lewis

Narrative Designer & Writer

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Hi! I’m Murray, and I’ve been writing and designing games for over a decade. My work often makes people laugh (sometimes on purpose).

You might know me from my work on games like Fall Guys, Murder By Numbers, PC Building Simulator, and lots more.


Fall Guys
(Senior Writer, 2022-2023)

Mediatonic / Epic Games  •  PC & console
The hit party royale platformer!

  • Led narrative development through Seasons 1–4
  • Defined and documented the world of Fall Guys, bringing together existing content and creating the foundation for telling new stories in the same universe
  • Wrote names and descriptions for thousands of in-game items

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Murder By Numbers
(Writer, 2018-2020)

Mediatonic / Irregular Corporation  •  PC & console

Solve puzzles to find clues, question witnesses, and crack the case!

  • Designed all four of the game's murder mystery cases
  • Co-wrote every case script, from cutscenes to conversations, including branching dialogue
  • Implemented the logic flow of each case in-editor

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Flush Your Friends
(Senior Writer/Designer, 2023)

Mediatonic / Epic Games  •  PC, console, mobile

The world's first and only portable-toilet-based game show, created for Fortnite with UEFN!

  • Led the design process from prototype to publishing
  • Wrote over 3,000 words, including 100+ questions and fully-voiced host script
  • Implemented key features with Verse scripting

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PC Building Simulator 2
(Senior Writer, 2020-2023)

Mediatonic / Spiral House / Irregular Corporation  •  PC

Grow your business empire as you learn to repair, build, and customise PCs at the next level!

  • Wrote over 370 in-game emails from an original cast of weird and wacky clients
  • Designed PC Building Simulator: MOS Edition: a retro-styled text adventure minigame built in Twine

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PC Building Simulator + Expansions
(Writer, 2017-2021)

Mediatonic / FuturLab / Irregular Corporation  •  PC & console

The original PC repair sim, plus the Esports Expansion and IT Expansion!

  • Wrote over 200,000 words across the base game + expansions
  • Brought the simulation gameplay to life with surreal humour, memorable characters, and outlandish requests
  • Designed a procedural text system that generates even more jobs for the player to tackle

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Other Releases
(Writer/Designer, 2012-18)

Various  •  PC, console, mobile

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